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On behalf of Arab World Association of Young Scientists (ArabWAYS), we proudly launch our newsletter which provides a short view on: what is ArabWAYS, what is its approach, who are the partners and in which disciplines and fields we are taking actions. All these questions will be answered in the first issue of this newsle#er through a brief descrip$on of the work that has been done since 2011. This issue will also report some of the most important meetings and conferences (goals and outcomes), ongoing projects and collaborations, and finally some of our outstanding members’ publications and innovations.

We are looking to publish the newsletter quarterly to cover different topics and activities. We will bring to our readers and members some of the latest news on upcoming events, publications, scholarships and funding in different disciplines; and last but not least, the newsletter will include a Reading Corner with review of most important book and papers. We hope that this newsletter will contribute in enhancing the growing success of young Arab scientists and researchers’ activities and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with our partners. To reach that goal, we are looking forward to your ideas, suggestions or general feedback.
With our best regards,
ArabWAYS Board Team

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The main criterion for election as a ARABWAYS Member is scientific excellence. Only those scientists who have made significant contributions to the advancement of science can be nominated as Members

Becoming a member is easy! Just make sure you have all of the items listed below :

  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Students and Postdocs: Proof of enrollment/status such as letter of acceptance and contact information for a department/faculty contact. 
  • Membership form