Chemical Sciences International Associations

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Acronym Chemical Sciences International Associations
Cefic - European Chemical Industry Council
CITAC Cooperation on International Traceability in Analytical Chemistry
ECS Electrochemical Society
EuCheMS European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences
ECTN European Chemistry Thematic Network Association
ECIS European Colloid and Interface Society
EFMC European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry
European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids
EFCE European Federation of Chemical Engineering
EPMF European Precious Metals Federation
FACS Federation of Asian Chemical Societies
IAPWS International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam
IACS International Association of Catalysis Societies
IACT International Association of Chemical Thermodynamics
IAEAC International Association of Environmental Analytical Chemistry
International Association of Nanotechnology
ICTAC International Confederation for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
ICCS International Conference on Chemical Structures
ICCA International Council of Chemical Associations
IEPRS International EPR(ESR) Society
IFCC International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
IOA International Ozone Association
IPCS International Plasma Chemistry Society
IPA International Platinum Group Metals Association
ISMRM International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
ISPC International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry
ISCE International Society of Chemical Ecology
ISE International Society of Electrochemistry
ISHC International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry
ISMAR International Society of Magnetic Resonance
ISGS International Sol-Gel Society
IUVA International Ultraviolet Association
IUCr International Union of Crystallography
IUPAC International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
IZA International Zeolite Association
MGMS Molecular Graphics and Modeling Society
SCI Society of Chemical Industry
WATOC World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists
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